Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service free?


Our service is free to homeowners and all quotes provided by Reno Select Certified Contractors are free, no obligation quotes. Regularly, contractors invest significant resources into sourcing job opportunities. Our service expedites that process for them, saving them money, while ensuring that you are connected with the experts that your project requires.


Who receives my contact information?


After your contact information is received, a representative will contact you for a brief introductory call to talk about your project. Once we understand the nature of your job and your availability, we will schedule three Certified Contractors to come meet with you in-home. We will never share your contact information with any third parties without your permission and pride ourselves on maintaining your confidentiality.


How long should I wait to be contacted?


We'll contact you within 5 minutes after receiving your contact information, or at any other preferred time on your end. After you enter your contact information, you will see a page with a new form where you can enter an alternative contact time and provide a more suitable time to be contacted if necessary.


What are the qualifications for each contractor?


All Certified Contractors have a minimum of 10 years experience in the construction and renovation businesses. They are also WSIB certified and have comprehensive liability insurance. We validate our contractors with a minimum of 10 recent related work referrals. They also must regularly work with fully licensed electricians and plumbers.


Are Reno Select Certified Contractors local to me?


We will only connect you with contractors who regularly provide services in your area.


Are Reno Select Certified Contractors specialists in the project I am looking to get quotes for?


We will only connect you with contractors who specialize in the field(s) that your renovation requires.


How many contractors will I be able to get quotes from?


Initially, we offer homeowners the opportunity to get quotes from 3 homeowners. However, we will always work with you to provide a superior level of service and are happy to accommodate any special requests when it comes to finding quotes for your job.


How long do I have to wait to get quotes?


We will schedule the contractors to come when you are most available. After that, you can expect the contractors to send you quotes (in-person or via e-mail) within 4-5 business days. Under extenuating circumstances, we can shorten that time frame.


Is all workmanship completed by Reno Select Certified Contractors guaranteed?


Each Reno Select Certified Contractor offer their own guarantees on their workmanship and will gladly communicate the extent of those guarantees to you.


Do I have to have an exact idea of what I want?


Whether you are a experienced when it comes to home renovations or a first-time homeowner looking to undertake your first renovation, Reno Select is here to help.


What happens after I have received the quotes?


After we have followed up with you to confirm that you have received all the quotes, it is up to you to review them and determine what works best. If you decide to go forward with a contractor we have arranged for you, we will follow up with you at your convenience to confirm your satisfaction with your contractor and our service.


Do I need to know what my budget is?


Whether you know your exact budget or have no idea where to start, we will help you connect with contractors who make sense financially. Our extensive industry experience has given us a precise idea of the average costs of popular home renovation projects and we can easily approximate costs for you in our introductory calls.





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